Welcome to the Gluten-Free Support Group!

A community of people with celiac disease or who eat gluten-free for health reasons.

Why You Should Join Us

Getting a celiac disease diagnosis or living gluten-free can be extremely isolating.

Connection is the piece of the puzzle that will help you feel less alone and more empowered.

This group provides you with a safe space to get advice from trusted resources and share your experience with others that understand what you're going through.

And I'll be here to guide you every step of the way.

About Me

Hi! I'm Jen Fitzpatrick, and I'm a celiac lifestyle coach. I run The Nomadic Fitzpatricks, a top-ranked gluten-free website.
  • I'm a former Spanish teacher with a Master's in Curriculum & Teaching.
  • I'm FARE & ServSafe Trained for Food Allergies in restaurants.
  • I'm a world traveler and food blogger that has been to over 20 countries with celiac disease.

I combine my teaching experience, restaurant training, and travel knowledge to help you confidently travel & eat gluten-free, while becoming your own BEST advocate along the way.

What's Included In Your Membership

  • 2 Monthly 60-minute Zoom Calls (typically the 2nd & 4th Thursday of every month) to connect with others for ongoing support
  • Guest speakers from the gluten-free community, including dietitians that specialize in celiac disease
  • cross-contact gluten-free cooking demonstrations on a rotating monthly basis of gluten-free recipes from The Nomadic Fitzpatricks website
  • Access to the ever growing gluten-free resource library (websites, providers, restaurants, apps, recipes, products, strategies, and tips for gluten-free living!)
  • 24/7 Group chat for problems, questions, or concerns that come up
  • Monthly check-ins to celebrate your wins, request topics to discuss, and share any areas you'd like to work on in the group
  • Exclusive discounts to gluten-free online courses, workshops, & programs!
  • Empowerment, Validation, Encouragement, Connection, and COMMUNITY!

As a teacher, I host this group the way I ran my classroom: with mutual respect and encouragement. Everyone is welcome, as long as you follow a strict gluten-free diet.

Please be aware: This Support Group is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You understand this group is not providing health care, medical, nutritional, or therapy services to cure any physical, mental, or emotional disease. You agree and acknowledge that you must consult with your physician, healthcare provider, or dietitian regarding any medications, supplements, tests, or treatment options for the gluten-free diet or celiac disease.

Testimonials From Group Members

"I would recommend this group to anyone that needs to know that they aren't alone. This group has made me feel like my struggles and feelings are valid. The support helps me deal with things I don't know if I could on my own. Nobody I know has celiac, and it makes it hard. This group makes it easier."
- J.H.

"It's given me a safe space to connect with others, vent, ask questions, find solutions, and just exist with people who truly understand how celiac disease affects your life." - K.C.

"It's so helpful to feel supported and "seen" by others dealing with the same challenges." -K.B.


Join Us!

This is a support group - meaning we are here for one another. We understand the challenges of living with celiac or a gluten-free diet. 
If you're looking for people who have your back, believe in science & research, share your excitement of dedicated fryers, and get frustrated by anyone who thinks gluten-free diets are a fad - that's what you'll find here. 
We're here for you to support your gluten-free journey every step of the way, and we have a lot of fun too.

We'd love to have you!

Please note: This group is for adults, not teens or children. If you are interested in joining on behalf of your family, please let me know: [email protected] so we can discuss.
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